"Universal Language from the New York sound acrobat"

Performance artist, stand-up comic & "vocal acrobat" Zero Boy recounts his zany adventures in Zeroland through a unique blend of sound and mime, the results being something akin to a performed comic book.

Combining movement with live, vocally-produced sound effects, Zero Boy enacts a parade of hilarious, fantastical characters that find themselves in the most unlikely situationsÉ

From his New York base Zero Boy has written, directed & performed numerous productions on both coasts and Europe, working in traditional theater, stand up comedy, television, street performance festivals, radio, film, comic books, a national magazine, and on the cutting edge of digital media/art.

Zero Boy has toured extensively in the United States and Europe over the past five years, recently debuting Alice in Zeroland at the Whitney Museum at Philip Morris. (May 2000)

Zero Boy had the gall to fight himself at David Leslie's Box Opera, and was involved with Josh Harris' New Years Quite Space 2000.

Zeroland, the adventures & cosmic love story of Zeroboy, debuted at PS 122 in Manhattan in 1999 and reprised at the District of Columbia Arts Center in Washington D.C.

MTV's M2 network has featured his unique work, & he has toured extensively in Holland with "The Comedy Explosion."

He was a featured performer at the Berlin Comedy and VarietÈ festival, & in 1996 costarred as a voice acrobat with The Chamaleon VarietÈ in "Liebling Der Gotte" (Berlin), a homage to the great Italian Juggler Enrico Rastelli.

One of a number of ongoing side-projects, Jack Zero, Cracker Jack Shot is a Western comic book written by Zero Boy along with artist Arnold Pander & published by Dark Horse in 199?.

Zero Boy has also hosted two Cannabis Cups in Amsterdam for High Times Magazine, as well as conducting & writing hemp-related interviews for them & working briefly as their foreign correspondent.

For an online sample of Zero's vocal acrobatics, go to kewn.com and look up Quickshorts to find "Zero Phat & His Crazy Car Driver."

* * * * *


"Reminds one of the best days of Saturday Night Live"

- Time Out Amsterdam

"For me the discovery of the program was a sensational mime who goes by the name of Zero Boy. Zero Boy made his brief scenes come alive through a skillful blend of pinpoint mime accompanied by the sound effects made by his mouth. In a lampoon of Gulliver's Travels you could visualize the Lilliputians tying him up and crawling all over him. In a doctor sketch he made you see organs flying and blood spurting all over the place. One precise intelligent and hilarious performer we should see more of."

- Fred Crafts KUGN FM

"Darling of the Mockers"

- Berlin Zeitung